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Things to consume around town

Welcome to Portland, the home of more breweries than any other city in the world (and more hybrid and electric cars per capita than any place outside of Japan).

Street blocks in Portland run 20 to a mile. Although there are several “superblocks” in the area of the OryCon Doubletree hotel, going from a street address in the 700s to a street address in the 900s will still be about 1/10th of the mile.

Buses and light rail cars all run on the same system, and the same ticket is good for both. A two-hour tickets costs $2.50, or $5 for an all-day ticket. Exact change is required on buses, but the light rail stations have ticket machines that will (if they work) give change and accept credit and debit cards.

All restaurants and bars (as well as all stores) in Oregon are non-smoking.

The local restaurants are mostly grouped along two corridors, each consisting of a pair of one-way streets: Broadway & Weidler Street run east/west a few blocks north of the Doubletree, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd & Grand Ave run north/south a few blocks west of the Doubletree. Within these corridors, you’ll find dozens of restaurants, including Ethiopian, at least four Thai (plus Chinese/Thai and Vietnamese/Thai), five sushi restaurants (not counting Newport Grill’s sushi bar or the sushi bar at Safeway) and a representative of nearly all of the national fast food outlets. (The list only mentions the closest of these- Starbuck’s, of course, are required by law to be located no more than three blocks apart in the Pacific Northwest.)

Most of the restaurants listed are within walking distance (arbitrarily defined as “within one mile”). As always, hours (and the restaurant names) are subject to change. None of the listed restaurants will require dress more formal than a shirt and jeans. (Portland is a casual town.) Several of the restaurants along Broadway are in remodeled houses (including all the Thai restaurants, coincidentally), meaning there may be stairs to climb to get to the food.

Let’s get started!

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