OryCon 35 is over. For current information, please visit www.orycon.org

Get Involved!

Volunteers Needed!

On top of the amazing feeling of helping out, we also offer free swag to the volunteers on the last day of con.  The swag comes straight from the vendors’ tables and includes lots of wonderful items that are donated just to reward the volunteers.  Those who volunteer the most hours pick an item first, and then so on down the line.  So the more hours you volunteer, the higher chance of picking your swag first!

So, got an hour to kill? Want to help out? Just want some free swag for sitting in a chair? Please contact volunteers@orycon.org for more information.


Become a Dealer!

Enjoy the convention and have an opportunity to make a little money at the same time!  Our members love the unique and interesting items in the Dealer’s Room.  Find our policies and information on applying here.


Art Show

The Orycon Art Show is open to both amateur and professional artists who specialize in science fiction, fantasy and fannish themes. Our artists represent a dynamic voice within in the fan community. Submission guidelines and the fee schedule can be found in the Art Show Rules. Art Show registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your space please submit a completed Registration form, a signed Release and Waiver form, and a check for fees. We look forward to seeing your work!

Registration forms and additional information for OryCon 35 coming soon! Check here for updates!  In the meantime, please email artshow@orycon.org for more information.


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