OryCon 35 is over. For current information, please visit www.orycon.org


Curious about what’s going on with children’s programs? Drop by the Broadway room Friday at 4pm to meet some of our volunteers, see our set-up and what we have planned, and play some quick word games!

Would you like to help to improve children’s programs at Orycon? First, come to any and all of the programs that interest you. We won’t know what you like unless you show up! Second, let us know what you think and/or volunteer for next year by putting your comments in our suggestion box (located in the Broadway room.)

What’s New This Year

  • Make a Noise/Music Maker on Friday 4-5 pm. Make a rhythm instruments to play at Saturday’s jam session, or just to delight your friends and parents!
  • Choose a Monster Writing Workshop on Friday 5-6 pm. Write your own original story with help from several published authors!
  • OryKids Dance Party on Friday 6-7 pm. Come in costume and dance with other kids to great recorded music and special light effects.
  • Jam Session on Saturday 11-12 pm. Come and play with instruments and jump, jive and move to cool tunes!
  • Make Frankenstuffies on Saturday 12-1 pm. Piece together head, body, legs and more from different critters with velcro and a bit of stitching to make your own bizarre creation!
  • Frankenstuffies Dungeon Crawl on Saturday 1-2 pm. Take your creature (or a loaner stuffy) on an adventure – use your wits and battle evil stuffies!
  • Costume Parade Prep and Parade on Saturday from 4-5 pm, then 5-6 pm. Come and put the finishing touches on your costume, get your face painted and/or some cool temporary tattoos, then strut your stuff in our parade through the Orycon common areas.


  • For creative types, we have:
    • Make a Noise/Music Maker and Choose a monster and Write its Story on Friday
    • Make Frankenstuffies and a Costume Creation session on Saturday
    • Crafting and Construction Workshop on Sunday
  • For costuming enthusiasts, we have a 2 hour Costume Creation Free-for-all, Costume Parade Prep and the OryKids Costume Parade on Saturday
  • For gamers, we have:
    • Meet and Greet with word games on Friday
    • Frankenstuffies Dungeon Crawl  and the 2 hour Family Game Time on Saturday
  • Especially for younger kids, aged approximately 3-7 we have:
    • a (not-so-scary) Monster themed Pajama Story time on Friday
    • the Chilly Down Jam Session on Saturday
    • a Pirate/Fantasy Story Time on Sunday
  • Especially for older kids aged about 7-12 we have the Choose a Monster and Write its Story workshop on Frida
  • Especially for kids aged about 5-12 we have:
    • a 2 hour Costume Creation Free-for-all on Saturday
    • a 2 hour Crafting and Construction Workshop on Sunday
*All other activities are designed for the enjoyment of kids 3-12.*
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