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Creation Station

Creation Station is a unique programming track at OryCon, full of exciting workshops and events, from the most G-rated to some for adults 18+. Our overall gestalt approach to programming is to be a warm welcome wagon for anyone, of any age and any skill level, who is new to something – OryCon, science fiction cons, being a panelist, experimenting with a type of fan creation, or a type of fan performance encouraged in one of our panels.

Our panels are all about audience participation. They are usually either DIY, teaching attendees how to engage a type of writing, editing, art, craft, costuming, cosplay, etc.; or they are hands-on crafts, usually with attendees leaving with something they can take home, including our crafts for the youngest kids; or they include fandom celebrations and other open mics for audience participation.

OryCon has been our home base for 5 years. Creation Station crew, though, first coalesced at an anime con in 2004, and we have always actively included teens and young adults as among our core panelists and content designers, as well as among our core attendees for our G through PG-13 programming.

While most of our panels are in the Washington room, 3 of our Friday night Whovian panels are in Jefferson-Adams,  and others among our panels are in Ross Island, Roosevelt, Hamilton, or Hawthorne.

Lots of new content this year! Including:

  • Barrowman Boot(Y) Camp – a celebration of all things John Barrowman (from Doctor Who, Torchwood, musicals, novels, social media)
  • Yarning For The Doctor & Jayne: Intro To Fandom Knitting & Crocheting
  • Intro To Fandom Quilting
  • NIWA (Northwest Independent Authors’ Association) Meet & Greet
  • Highlights From “Flicker” & “Brightly” – reading by Kaye Thornbrugh from the young adult urban fantasy series she composed as a teen
  • Accio: Epilogue! Harry Potter Shaped, Or ‘Shipped, Your Way
  • Game Of Thrones Fan Art Contest
  • Chivalry For Authors
  • Collateral Bodily Damage Of A Gaming, Computing, Or Crafting/Sewing Lifestyle
  • Crafters’ Lab: Well-Used, Weathered, Antiqued Artifacts
  • Warehouse 13 Fandom Celebration: Arty Facts, Artie Facts, And Artifacts
  • Supernatural Fandom Celebration
  • Makeup Sfx: Prosthetics
  • Zombie Survival Trivia Contest

…and more! As well as many of your ongoing favorites, including Mad Science: Blinky Bots, Colors Of The Apocalypse (Body Painting), and Doctor Who Fandom Celebration: Tiptoe Through the Tardis.

Among the particular highlights of Creation Station every year are our kids’ / all-ages hands-on crafts and demos, lead by core Creation Station panelist for all 5 years here and nearly a decade at many prior conventions, Lindsey Robbins. Lindsey is a phenomenally creative, innovative, and inexhaustibly dedicated purveyor of craft instruction, as well as herself a talented writer. We wouldn’t be who we are today without her. Here’s a link to her professional work, Trackers Earth http://trackerspdx.com/?gclid=CIP_7qfhsrkCFe1_QgodoSwAZg

Epitomizing the core value of Creation Station, helping people new to activities develop their aptitude and confidence, is OryCon newcomer Kaye Thornbrugh, who first connected with Creation Station by winning our Best Writer Under 16 prize at our Fanfic Bedtime Stories event at an anime con in another state in 2007. During our ongoing collaboration, Kaye has authored and successfully self-published a remarkably popular and intriguing young adult urban fantasy novel and has nearly accomplished its sequel, all the while earning awards for writing, editing, and managing a campus newspaper. Join Kaye and me for readings from “Flicker” and “Brightly”, and for “Print is Undead,” a panel to encourage and empower folks interested in campus journalism, fanzines, or other offline publications. Here’s a link to her blog, emphasizing her novels:

For more info, or to propose new content, for Creation Station, please contact:
Ellen Klowden, aka Rem, Creation Station coordinator

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