OryCon 35 is over. For current information, please visit www.orycon.org

Activities & Events

Art Show

The Orycon Art Show is open to both amateur and professional artists who specialize in science fiction, fantasy and fannish themes. Our artists represent a dynamic voice within in the fan community. Submission guidelines and the fee schedule can be found in the Art Show Rules. Art Show registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your space please submit a completed Registration form, a signed Release and Waiver form, and a check for fees. We look forward to seeing your work!

Blood Drive

Your OryCon committee is proud to announce that we will once again be hosting a Blood Drive during this year’s convention! The drive will take place on Saturday, November 9th between 10am – 3pm. You can schedule your donation time online to ensure you get in when you want. Please follow the instructions here and sign up now! 🙂

Child Care

OryCon 35 will be providing professional childcare to watch over your children during the convention.  Click for more information.


Children’s Programming

Your little ones have plenty of opportunity to explore, play, and engage this year.


Creation Station

This will be our 5th year at OryCon!  Check it out here.


Artist Critiques

We have some fantastic pros volunteering for these sessions, so don’t miss out! The number of sessions we will have will be limited by the pros’ time and room availability. There will be sign up sheets at the art show, but if all the available slots fill up before the convention, we will not be able to set up more sessions.



Join the Courts of the Fae for the musical stylings of DJ Dirty Mollie McBain and the Seelie & Unseelie Ball! This year, whatever court you pay allegiance to, you can enjoy the festivities of music and dance by attending the Seelie and Unseelie Balls at OryCon 35. The Seelie Ball on Friday night (beginning around 9pm) will include more traditional forms of dance and music; from traditional Ballads of the English Isles to Big Band and Ragtime. The Seelie style of music will grow more energetic and modern as the evening draws on. The Unseelie Ball on Saturday night will be more in tune with the younger, more chaotic whims of the Winter Court Fae. The Unseelie Ball will begin after the Masquerade has concluded and the ballroom has been set up for dancing.


Dealer’s Room

Every year, we have many spectacular dealers participating.  Dealer’s Room information can be found here, and information on becoming a dealer can be found here.  More information will be coming soon!


Fan Tables

Fan table registration is now closed!

Click through to see who’s attending.



Download the rules for the New Song contest!

The Band Scramble is a series of performances by a randomly drawn pickup band, which will be occurring on Sunday. Bands will be drawn Saturday of OryCon at 12pm, outside of the Oregon room.  This will give the bands 24 hours to rehearse together prior to the scramble.  On Sunday, bands will play one song.
If you want to participate, you can pre-submit your name by emailing filk@orycon.org, or during OryCon at the info desk.



Please join us for the annual Masquerade/Masked Ball on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Join us onstage or in the audience at 7:00pm, doors will open approximately 6:30pm for general seating.

Contestants will be showing off their costumes, and competing for memberships to OryCon-36, gifts certificates to fabric stores—worth $25, $50, and $75, and gift certificates to Powell’s Books. In addition, to other prizes. During the masquerade, participants will have an opportunity to be photographed as well.

More information and forms can be found here.


Open & Scheduled Gaming

Gaming returns to OryCon 35, sponsored by our sister convention GameStorm (gamestorm.org). Come visit the Cascade rooms upstairs and try your hand at one of the many games in the game library or try out one of the new ones you just grabbed in the dealers hall. Scheduled games will be listed via the electronic program (orycon35.sched.org). Be sure to check for announcements at the bulletin board next to the GameStorm library.

To see the amazing selection of games in the game library, see http://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/Game_Storm?own=1



Orycon Hospitality provides food and drink catering to members of the Orycon Convention.



It just wouldn’t be the same without the parties.  Check here for information on hosting one.



What’s a convention without programming?  This page will keep us updated, as and when new information is available!


Writers Workshop

The manuscript submission window will open May 1st, 2013, and will close July 31, 2013.

Submit your best work to the workshop just as you would submit your best work to an editor. Often a piece has problems that the author doesn’t know how to fix, and this is a good venue to explore solutions to those problems.

On the other hand this is not a good venue in which to present problems that you already know are there, know how to fix and haven’t gotten around to eliminating. Critique time is precious and goes by very quickly. It’s best spent on problems that are unknown or difficult for you to solve rather than the problems you already know how to take care of.


Open Read & Critique

An Open Read & Critique (ORC) is an opportunity to read the opening portion of your short story or novel aloud to your peers. They will then critique your work Clarion-style, in round-table marathon sessions, focusing on your first 750 words. Our theme is “How to Hook a Reader.”

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